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16th Mar 2023

PSA: If you haven’t picked up a Mother’s Day gift yet, you’ll find deals for every budget at Lidl

Ann Cronin

Brought to you by Lidl

This is your last-minute reminder that Mother’s Day is this Sunday.

Forgot to pick up a Mother’s Day gift ahead of the weekend? Don’t panic, we’re sure you’re not the only one.

The annual celebration of all the doting Mammies, loving Grannies or caring in-laws in our lives has a habit of creeping up on us quickly, often leading to a last-minute scramble to pick up a meaningful present for the big day.

There are some simple options that are always a safe bet, though – a cute card, some stunning flowers and a bottle of their favourite wine are sure to do the trick. So it really is ideal timing that Lidl has launched some any-budget Mother’s Day gift bundles in stores this week, covering all the essentials that will help your Mammy celebrate.

From cards and bouquets to sweet treats and wine, they’ve put together several Mother’s Day gift bundles for the big occasion, taking the time, hassle and expense out of finding a present she’ll love. But the big appeal of these bundles is there are options to suit every budget, in the knowledge that money could be a bit tight at the moment.

With gifts ranging from €5 to €50, you won’t need to compromise on quality to save on price this Mother’s Day. So ahead of that last-minute dash to your local Lidl, here’s a closer look at some of the brilliant deals available…

€10 Bundle

If your Mammy has a sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered. Along with the always-adored bouquet of flowers and a sweet and personal card, you can also nab a packet of Mother’s Day cupcakes for less than a tenner. Ideal!

Includes: My Mummy Bouquet (€4.99), Medium Card (€1.49), 6 Mother’s Day Cupcakes (€3.49) 

€15 Bundle

If your Mam isn’t a big fan of flowers, this might just be the deal for you. In lieu of some blooms, treat your mother to a cute card, some cupcakes and a gorge bottle of rosé prosecco for the very easy-on-the-wallet price of €15.

Includes: Prosecco Spumante Rosé Millesima (€8.99), Medium Card (€1.49), 6 Mother’s Day Cupcakes (€3.49)

€25 Bundle

Whether you’re shopping for a couple of the mothers in your life or you’re the designated sibling in charge of organising everyone’s gifts for Mam this year, this deal includes two Mother’s Day cards and an extra extravagant bouquet of flowers, for just €25. The perfect gift from the whole family!

Includes: Magnificent Mum Aqua Bouquet (€16.99), Medium Card (€6.21) and Medium Card (€1.49)

€50 Bundle

If nothing short of the very best will do for your Mammy, this luxury bundle includes a bit of everything. The massive Mother’s Day deal includes a card, bouquet, prosecco, some chocolate, a Mother’s Day mug and a candle. All for just €50!

Includes: Mother’s Day CDU Mug (€3.99), Large Card (€1.99), Prosecco Spumante Rosé Millesima (€8.99), Deluxe One In a Million Bouquet (€26.99), Everyday collection candle (€4.29) Deluxe Chocolate Bar (€1.99) 

Browse Lidl’s full Mother’s Day range online HERE

Brought to you by Lidl