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23rd Apr 2017

Muslim women are sharing stunning nail art with an important message

Forget the selfie because the ‘nelfie’ is taking over.

Yes, the ‘nelfie’, or nail selfie if you want to break it down, is a trend coined by Dubai-based salon SoH and it truly takes nail art to the next level.

As you’ll see from the below Instagram posts, nail art here is intricate, detailed and you can just have about any design you want from Disney characters to celebrities to marble to portraits.

Due to certain rules and enforced social expectations in the United Arab Emirates, women don’t always feel comfortable sharing images of their faces online which is part of the reason why ‘nelfies’ are becoming so popular.

It basically involves painting a portrait of someone’s face on their nails and it’s one of the salon’s most popular offers.

It doesn’t stop there either for you can get multiple faces free-painted onto your nails from family members to partners or there’s the option to keep up with trends by asking for holographic unicorn nails or the latest Snapchat filter.

Sally Soheili, the brains behind SoH, explained the thinking behind the ‘nelfie’ in conversation with Refinery 29:

“The idea came from having a cartoon version of yourself. Everybody wants to represent their persona some way.

“Why Emirati women, and Arab women in general, prefer to have their faces painted on their nails more than other nationalities has something to do with the culture.

“It’s about being able to depict or showcase your beauty on your nails when you don’t necessarily have the means of putting your face on your Instagram”.

Check them out in action below.

The most popular type of nelfie.

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Disney love.

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Unicorn beauty trends are here to stay.

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Main image via Instagram: SoH Dubai