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16th Jan 2018

MUAs are putting make-up on their tongues and it’s all a bit mad


Olivia Hayes

Lads, we can’t handle it.

It seems like with every new day, a handful of Youtubers and the likes are thinking up ridiculous ways to get more views and clicks.

And the new ‘trend’ of 2018? Putting foundation on their tongues. As you do.

On further inspection, it seems the MUAs are actually eating the make-up.


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Has the world gone mad? Are people actually interested in this? Do Youtubers really have to resort to it? Is it not dangerous? Does it not taste rotten? WHY?

While we think this is all bloody mad, the videos have been raking in the views, with some even getting millions of clicks.

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We can’t guys… we just can’t.

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