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30th Apr 2022

Monochromatic makeup is set to be one of the biggest trends this year

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Simply effortless.

Makeup trends are everchanging, they seem to come into fashion as soon as they go out of it, and while that might be the case, there is one that seems to be a sure thing for 2022.

Makeup looks over the years have been getting simpler and simpler, with more skill and less detail being put in. Think back to 2016, the dramatic and colourful eyes and heavy contour, that has all changed in the last five years.

With people going for more of a subtle, glowy, dewy look that gives a more natural look, stepping away from the more exaggerated look we used to obsess over.

That’s not to say that colour has to be completely cut out, we’re just starting to interpret it in a different way.

Soft glam and the no-makeup make-up look are big hits, but adding a pop of colour to a simplistic look can create a subtle yet striking image.

Monochromatic fashion has been major in recent years, with neutrals taking over or bold colours being the centre of our outfits, so why not add this as part of our make up looks.

When it comes to creating this for makeup, we anticipate it to be the highlight of spring and summer this year, but how does it transcribe from clothing to make-up?


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It’s a whole lot simpler than it seems, all you need to focus on is eyes, cheeks and lips. While that seems like a lot, the detail we’re going into is very minimal, and the exact same colour.

The trick to this trend is to get a eye colour that is the exact same as your lip shade and blush colour, and more often than none this means we’re using the exact same products for each.

We basically want everything to match, and while it sounds as if it could fail and look bleek, we promise you the end result is worth it.

Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin told InStyle: “Monochromatic makeup might be on-trend for spring, but I think it’s always been a sophisticated look and is something I’ve used on myself and my clients for many years. It’s very chic to have just one color palette on eyes, cheeks, and lips.”

So if you don’t trust us with this, take it from the professionals.

“I like to vary the depth of the pigments on the eyes and cheeks by using brushes of varying density and shape and mixing and matching the styles and coverage,” Patinkin added. “The key is to mix and match the application on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. For example, a graphic pink eyeliner, a soft glowy pink cheek, and a strong matte pink lip.”