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01st Mar 2024

If you suffer with visible blackheads on your nose – you need to try this moisturiser

Sophie Collins


If you suffer from little blackheads on your nose that just won’t go away, then keep reading…

Those little black dots that are impossible to get rid of sometimes on your nose are known as blackheads.

They’re formed when pores become clogged with excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. 

When this mixture is exposed to air, it oxidises and turns black, resulting in the appearance of blackheads. 

While regular cleansing and exfoliation can help prevent them, there are a few specific hacks a well-known TikTok dermatologist recommends if they’ve appeared on your face.

Dr. Adel posted a short video on the current fads doing the rounds on TikTok and clarified which ones are effective – and which are not.

Hundreds of videos have been appearing on the social media platform showcasing women and men who claim the La Roche Posay Cicaplast Balm can make blackheads on your nose disappear.

Dr. Adel explained: “This one has been blowing up my for you page sticker plus bomb for sebaceous filaments.

“This one is a ‘yes’. Moisturisers and barrier creams like Cica Plast actually hydrate your skin, so they can make those little black dots on your nose look less obvious.

“In saying that I think retinoids and salicylic acid are always going to be superior but as a hack I still think this one is worth trying – eight out of 10 from me.”

A 100ml tube of the Cicaplast retails for €21.95, so it’s not going to break the bank either.

It is described as “an all-around skin saviour for the whole family.

“The La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Balm B5 Multi-Purpose Repairing Balm is a dermatologically tested formula suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.”

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