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05th Mar 2022

This very Millennial hair trend is making a comeback – and IDK how I feel

Millennial hair trend

Are you ready?

If you were lucky to have spent your teenage or early 20s years during the 00s, you are no doubt utterly familiar with phenomenons like low-rise jeans, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in The Simple Life, Juicy Couture bottoms and Lauren Conrad’s hair on The Hills.

As for the latter, it seems we might be in for a bit of a hair trend revival soon.

Yep – as with all things trend, hairstyles have a tendency to also come back into fashion again, and this time around, it is the (in)famous pouf (pinned back fringe) that is making a comeback among Generation Z (who, of course, are much too young to remember the style in its heyday and how we all rocked it then).


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The notorious pouf hairstyle was worn by celebs like Lauren Conrad from The Hills and Snooki from The Jersey Shore, and when you see it, you might just find yourself wondering why the heck this is coming back into fashion –and maybe we’ll never know.

That’s right—a once-staple look of the past popularized by millennial women is on its way back into the trend lists again, and who’s to say we don’t love a good comeback story.

Over on TikTok, content creator Charlie Taylor recently shared a video of herself styling her hair into a ‘pouf’ and here is how you ca recreate the look at home:

@chuckscloset #stitch with @leajoanie just wait til gen z finds the bump-its #thebump #curtainbang #curtainbangs #quarantinebangs #hairstylistsoftiktok ♬ I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift