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18th Feb 2022

Meet the ‘Mixie” – the hair trend taking over Hollywood

Sarah McKenna Barry

We’re obsessed.

When we hear the word mullet, our minds might conjure up visions of 1980s rock stars, but the past few years have seen the hairstyle emerge in chic variations, and the latest twist on the chop – the mixie – is no exception.

Indeed, if you were planning on opting for a more adventurous choice next time you head to the salon, then the mixie – which is a hybrid of a mullet and a pixie cut – may be right up your alley.

And you certainly wouldn’t be alone either. A number of Hollywood stars – Florence Pugh and Rihanna to name a few – have been rocking this quirky, bold hairstyle as of late.

As Glamour reports, the mixie has been doing the rounds for about two years now, but its recent uptake by Hollywood’s elite may see it stick around.

LA hairstylist Sal Salcedo told the fashion magazine last year: “Any variation on mullets will continue to keep up speed. Pixies with a mullet air, will be big – a hybrid of both. People are being more adventurous and trying all variations of length.”

He’s not wrong. 2020 saw a number of stars rock the mullet trend. Maisie Williams, for instance, sported a relaxed mullet cut, and Miley Cyrus paid homage to her father’s iconic do with a mullet in that year as well.

Since then, the trend has escalated to reach chic new heights, a far cry from the mullets of the ’80s.

The mixie specifically is your typical pixie cut on top, but with some length to work with down the back, normally ending around the nape of the neck.

One star who has been exhibiting just how chic the look can be for quite some time is Spanish actress and model Úrsula Corberó. Her character in Money Heist – Tokyo – rocks an edgy mixie on screen, but Corberó’s off-screen high-fashion, editorial moments bring it to new levels of chic.

Corberó is in good company too, as last year Rihanna had a mixie cut for one her iconic Savage x Fenty campaigns.

Another star who has been unafraid to go for the chop and embrace the mixie is Florence Pugh, who parted with her long locks in favour of a pixie mullet.

While it may seem like an intimidating chop to go for, it seems like the mixie is a risk worth taking. Chat to your hairstylist about how to style it best to suit your own face.