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14th Sep 2018

The Jo Malone Advent calendar is officially here, and holy hell it’s pricey

Rebecca O'Keeffe

jo malone advent calendar

Better start saving!

Hello September – you glorious thing you!

The summer is well and truly over, which means one thing… CHRISTMAS IS COMING.

Well, kind of.

We still have Halloween and all that jazz to get through… but the festivities have kind of started.

Take Jo Malone as an example.

jo malone

The lifestyle brand has just given customers a sneak peak into their 2018 Advent calendar.

And we literally need it in our lives.

With 24 doors gorgeous little doors containing 24 Jo Malone products including candles, perfume and body products, this might be the best thing we’ve ever seen.

Here comes the ‘hard to swallow’ part of this article…

jo malone

The Jo Malone Advent calendar will set you back £300 (which is about €337).

Seems excessive.

However, if you have managed to win the lotto, or maybe you got a pay increase? Either way, you should pop this baby at the top of your list.

The Jo Malone Advent calendar will be available on October 1!