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29th Oct 2019

InStyler just launched an amazing new product that will give you full on Princess hair

Rebecca O'Keeffe



Christmas is coming, and we’ll be going on countless nights out during the festive season.

And we’ll be wanting gorgeous hair for each and every occasion, right?

But at the end of the day, blowdries are pricey, and can be time consuming.

Thankfully, the brilliant humans at InStyler have just released a new product, and it will give you Princess hair.

Say hello to the new InStyler Cerasilk WAND, which will embrace voluminous curls and bombshell bouncy waves.

The Cerasilk WAND delivers an expert level look in seconds, which is music to the ears of anyone who gets ready in a rush.


Designed using the same unique technology as the sell-out OG Cerasik Styling Iron, the WAND features a woven ceramic texture that creates micro subsurface recesses that generate hot pockets of air with intense, radiant, heat thus eliminating direct contact between your hair and the wand.

This unique technology acts as a built-in heat protector to defend against damage with every twist of hair.

Also unique to the Cerasilk WAND is the innovative cool touch grip tip, that features silicone bristles that gently grasp the hair to allow you hands-free wrapping and the ability to secure the hair to ensure the perfect style.

How handy?

This patented, clip-free design also prevents breakage and creases in the hair, which is a dream.


InStyler have been perfecting everyday styles in a snap with their sell-out hair styling range including the HERO product… the InStyler MAX rotating Barrell that allows for flawless locks in minutes.

Now with the introduction of the Cerasilk WAND any style you desire is at your fingertips.

Available with four different heat settings and an 8” professional swivel cord, the InStyler Cerasilk WAND is the ideal tool for all hair lengths and types.

The InStyler Cerasilk WAND is available now from and is €89.99.

Oh, we’re buying this lads.