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19th May 2018

This image of a baby’s fingernails has left people terrified

More than 34,000 people have liked the image.

Keeley Ryan

A photo of a baby’s fingernails has sparked controversy after it was shared on social media.

The unusual image was shared on Instagram by Daily_earthpix, an account which normally shares images of nature and animals, who asked followers:

“Cute or not?”

The photo shows the baby’s fingers curled up around an adult’s thumb, with each nail on the tiny hand perfectly pointed.

Many people speculated that the nails looked to have been filed into that shape on purpose, while others said the glossy look hinted at a layer of clear nail polish.

Cute or not? ? Photo by: unknown

A post shared by Earth / Nature / Animals (@daily_earthpix) on

Over 34,000 people have liked the image since it was first shared online, none of whom seemed to agree that it was cute.

Hundreds of people warned that the nails posed a danger for the infant, who could easily scratch its delicate skin.

One person said:

“No, because nails that long can seriously hurt a baby. That is a danger hazard for the baby.”

Another added:

“No. Kids need short nails to decrease infection and prevent poking their eye out or scratching themselves.”

Others said that the nails were “terrifying” and compared them to “cat claws”.

The general advice on baby nails is to “keep them short”, which can usually be done by gently filing them down.