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07th Dec 2015

Five Simple Survival Tips For The Girls’ Christmas Night Out

"DON'T: Drunk-text your ex because your friend has convinced you he's your lobster."


“We HAVE to meet up before Christmas”. 

Said every WhatsApp group ever.

With our calendars filling up with festive occasions, delicious dinners and last-dash shopping trips, it’s beginning to look (and feel!) a lot like Christmas. But before we settle down in the onesie with the fam, there is one night out that NEEDS to happen – according to the gals’ WhatsApp group that is.

However, to quote Teresa, the girls night out can be treacherous territory – so to help you get it right this year, we’ve teamed up with the good folks at Sally Hansen to bring you our top tips for getting through the girls’ Christmas night out unscathed.

DO: Prep the night before


After spending all that time finding the perfect party dress, make sure you put some time into making your pins look their best. De-fuzz and exfoliate in the shower to avoid any streaky tan lines, and don’t forget that pedicure. Your tootsies will be on display in those gorgeous new peep-toes, after all!

DO: Make sure you eat something


This is rookie mistake number one. Whether it’s a sit-down affair or a roving canapé situation, always take advantage of the grub on offer. Lining your stomach will save you from a) getting too loose-lipped at the start of the night with that girl you haven’t seen since March and b) well, we can leave that one to your imagination.

DON’T: Overdo it on the eggnog


This one should be self-explanatory. And while you’re at it don’t profess your undying love for your best mate’s uncle. It’s just awkward for everyone involved.

DO: Apply that tan

Close-up of two female legs dancing in night club

After months of being hidden under 120 dernier black tights, your sexy pins are finally free to make an appearance. There will be photographic evidence, and nobody wants to be caught with pasty legs. The Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray, a.k.a our go-to ‘tan in a can,’ makes it easier than ever to get flawless bronzed skin in a flash. Boom.

DON’T: Drunk-text your ex because your friend has convinced you he’s your lobster. 


Just don’t do it. Your relationship may as well be an episode of Eastenders to her. Little does she know that her flippant comment before she saunters off to the bar for a drink could ruin your LIFE. And it IS still real life, even though you are drinking.

DO: Drink water

Lots and lots of water. You may THINK the girl you shared a hairbrush with in the bathroom is your new best friend, but in fact, your new BFF is H20. Get to know each other at the start of the party and stay tight for the night.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs liquid and spray can be used all over the body for a beautiful matte finish.  Available nationwide in four natural-looking shades (light, medium, tan and deep), the lightweight spray and leg makeup goes on evenly leaving skin looking and feeling smooth and supple. 

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