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17th Nov 2022

Need office Christmas party outfit inspo? Look no more

We got you.

While officewear has definitely gotten a lot more casual over the last few years, the office Christmas party is definitely our chance to dress up and show off.

Of course, for this event you’re bot going to wear the same type of clothes you would do on a night out with your friends, but you’re certainly not going to wear your workwear.

If you’re struggling to find the balance between workwear and party clothes, finding an outfit that is both office appropriate and ready to head out can be done and doesn’t have be as daunting as you may think.

When we think of Christmas party, we think of sparkles, sequences and textured fabrics. And when we think of the office, we think blazers, suit pants and a-line dresses. By combining both aspects, we can easily come up with a work-to-party look.

Less is more here, but always remember to wear what makes you feel most comfortable. Also make sure to remember the vibe of your workplace, sometimes offices are a lot stricter while others wear jeans in and out every day.

Longline leather skirts and a Christmas jumper are easily the safest bet, but adding some sparkle is never a bad thing.

Sequences and glitter are a must to stand out at any Christmas party, it’s all about the cut of your dress or skirt that will determine how appropriate it is. Opting for more of a modest cut is your safest bet when it comes to work nights out.

Velvet is also a good option and easy to style, of course a dress is the easiest option to go for, but a velvet skirt should not be dismissed. Like with the leather, opting for a velvet skirt and Christmas jumper is the best way to stay work appropriate while also fitting in at the party.

Knit dresses are huge these days, you can get them in almost any high street store, and could make the perfect balance for an office Christmas party dress.