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27th Jul 2019

5 non-toxic beauty products to pack in your holiday suitcase

Trine Jensen-Burke

We have all become much more aware of what we are eating these days – realising, I think, that there is a huge and undeniable link between what we put into out bodies and how healthy it is.

But what we put onto our bodies also matters. Did you know that your skin is by far your largest living, breathing organ and that everything you put on it also makes its way underneath it, into your cells and blood stream.

Many conventional beauty products contain ingredients that are at best questionable, and many experts are also worried about the cocktail effect of everything we are applying – which we might still be years away from knowing the real harm it is doing to our health and bodies.

But there is a movement happening, and I for one, having written about beauty and wellness for years, am so delighted to see the vast – and ever growing – selection of beauty products now available. These days I am constantly stumbling across new and truly amazing products that are not only effective, but also kind, both to your skin and also, on a larger scale, the environment.

Want to clean up your beauty regime? Here are five really great new beauty buys you should snap up and pack in your holiday suitcase this summer:

1. Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Organic Magic Balm 

I don’t know about you, but I like packing light when I leave for holidays, and this is where this amazing magic balm from Dr. Bronner’s comes in. Seriously – pick one up today. I use mine for nicks, bites, dry elbows, chafed skin, cuticles, chapped lips, flaky heels and, when my babies were still babies, we used this for nappy rash too. In other words – a total mulit-tasker of a product that will work for the whole family.


non-toxic beauty

2. Redken Nature + Science All Soft Shampoo

Quench dry and brittle summer hair with the new Redken Nature + Science All Soft Shampoo, part of the high-performance haircare brand’s Nature + Science range, which utilises vegan, naturally-sourced ingredients to deliver amazing results.


non-toxic beauty

3. Eminence Mineral Defence Sports Suncream SPF 30

I am very picky about suncreams, and never set foot outside without a minimum of SPF 30 on my face and body. I was eager to test this particular one from Eminence (partly because I recently read somehere that the Duchess of Sussex is obsessed with their products!)

And this zinc oxide sunscreen did not disappoint. I love how the cream is not greasy, unlike so many others, and that it is a great option when you are being active (walking around on a city break, anyone) or simply climbing in and out of the pool all day.


non-toxic beauty

4. Ella & Milla Nail Varnish in ‘Sugar Fairy’

I love brightly colured nails as much as the next person in the summer, but when it comes to picking a shade that will just make your nails look healthy and where any scratches or chipped parts won’t be as glaringly obvious, you can’t go wrong with a neutral.

Currently, I am obsessed with Ella & Milla’s ‘Sugar Fairy’ – a gorgeous nude shade of Nail polish with the staying power of gel and a high-shine finish that is chip-resistant and quick drying.


non-toxic beauty

5. Klorane Eco-Friendly Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk

In the summer, when the weather is hot and humid, I cannot live without a little bit of dry shampoo to extend time between washes and keep my hair looking fresh. And when it comes to which one I buy, you really can’t beat this one. Trust me – I have tested the lot of them, and this one keeps my hair soft and doesn’t look or feel chalky in the slightest.


non-toxic beauty