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05th Feb 2022

Glazed doughnut skin is 2022’s biggest beauty trend – and here is how you nail it

Trine Jensen-Burke

Glazed doughnut skin


Glowing, healthy skin is the Holy Grail for most of us, but this year, skin is in focus like never before – and we are talking luminous, next-level glow.

And don’t take it from me – but rather Hailey Bieber, who took to her Instagram account recently to tell her 40 million followers that 2022 is all the glow.

The model gave her fans the heads up, captioning a series of images showing her with super-glossy, glowy skin:

“glazed ?? skin all 2022. Tell a friend,” Bieber posted:

Yes, she is only 25 and a supermodel – but as it turns out, Bieber does work hard to keep her skin in its ‘glazed’ condition – and if you are flicking through her Instagram post, the fourth slide kind of gives the game away when it comes to her hard-working skincare routine.

The candid snap shows the model layering a sheet mask over eye masks while chatting on her phone – and it seems this kind of multi-tasking, skincare layering is really what we should all be doing for great skin these days.

Earlier this year, the 25-year-old shared her entire skincare regime on her YouTube channel and confessed in the video:

“My standard when I go to bed at night is that if I’m not getting into bed looking like a glazed doughnut, then I’m not doing the right thing.”
And then she adds:

“Find yourself a moisturiser that helps you look like a glazed doughnut at the end of the day.”

The science of skincare layering

In the video, Bieber then proceeds to go through all the skincare products she uses, including double-cleansing with both a cleansing oil and a milky facial wash.

She then layers up her skin with a peptide serum which she massages into her skin while skin is still damp “so that it soaks into my skin a little bit better and dries into my skin.”

After the serum, she layers on moisturiser.

“At night time, I typically go with a more intense moisturiser – something thicker, just to kind of soak into my skin overnight,” Bieber says.

However, she does offer a final piece of advice if you tend to suffer from breakouts.

“If I was breaking out on my forehead right now, I wouldn’t put a thick moisturiser on my forehead just because I think it can make breakouts worse.”

But if you think this was the end of the model’s skincare routine, you would be wrong. To achieve the glazed doughnut look Bieber speaks of, you need lots and lots of layers.

Next up is face oil.

“I have really sensitive skin that tends to be on the more dry side, so with that being said, usually I add one layer of an oil – again, just for the sake of looking like a glazed doughnut,” Bieber says.

“I don’t ever do too much, I kind of just pat it into the skin .”

She adds an eye cream.

“I’m usually really, really diligent about eye cream because eyes are a sensitive area and I’m trying to prevent getting crows feet, so I really try not to ever skip it.”

And the last step is one that many of us probably already do – lip balm.

“I hate chapped lips, I hate when they feel dry. It’s truly one of my biggest pet peeves, she explains.

”My go-to is Aquaphor, it’s the best lip balm. Plus it comes in handy for any skin maladies. If I had really dry, flaky patches anywhere on my skin, I would go in and put a little extra Aquaphor on those areas.”

In other words, according to Bieber, healthy, glowing glazed doughnut skin is all about layering up your skincare and making sure it stays clean, nourished and hydrated.