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07th Apr 2020

Forget banana bread – I used my fruit to make a face mask instead

Cassie Stokes

I hate bananas.

I hate the taste, I hate the consistency and I hate the smell – especially if they’re starting to blacken.

While the rest of the world is making banana bread, I’m most definitely not. However, last week I ran out of face masks and was forced to turn to bananas for help.

I usually have a few face masks lying around the house. Not the really expensive ones – just the average price ones that I pop on my face for 20 minutes and they make me feel better about my skin and myself.

So, since we’re staying at home as much as possible I set myself a task: to make my own beauty products using only things in my house. It’s not something I’ve ever thought of before but I have seen countless tutorials so I thought “I’ll be grand”. I filmed the process for the latest episode of Curated With Cassie, which you can watch below or here.

I searched online for some DIY face mask instructions and there were loads of ideas, using everything from mangos to oats. My challenge was in using what I already had rather than going out to the shop unnecessarily and I had none of those in my kitchen. So, I narrowed it down to two options, a honey and milk face mask and a honey and banana one.

Can I just stress again how much I hate bananas. But that’s all that was in the house: one almost gone off banana belonging to my girlfriend. Desperate times, the things you do in the name of beauty etc…

Even opening an almost gone off banana gives me the creeps so having to squish it up in a bowel with honey was not the most pleasant experience. I almost gave up about 24 times – the smell was just too much, and it was so squishy as I mashed it with a fork.

I then put my hands in and put it all over my face which was almost like a bush tucker trial – I’d actually rather bugs. I closed my eyes and lay down in the grass and tried not to smell the banana that was wafting in the air. I was supposed to stay for 20 minutes but I only lasted 10 before I took it off.

But I must say my skin felt lovely, really clean and there was a bit of an after-glow. I would definitely try making my own mask again, sans banana obviously. I think the oat mask is the one that sounds most appealing. Overall, though, while it was fun to try some DIY beauty I’ll most likely go back to just buying my old pre-made favourites.

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