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18th Jun 2024

Saoírse Ruane’s family marks first Father’s Day since her passing

Kat O'Connor

The family of Saoírse Ruane have marked another milestone without their little girl

Months have passed since Saoírse Ruane sadly died at the age of 12 and her family are continuing to pay tribute to her.

They have ensured Saoírse’s memory lives on by posting about her on their Instagram page.

Most recently, her parents opened up about celebrating their first Father’s Day without Saoírse.

“The first without you Saoírse although we know every year will feel the same as today……Lonely….” her mum wrote.

Despite their immense heartbreak, Saoírse’s family made the most of the special day.

“I watched Dadda Ollie smile when Farrah Rose woke him up & told him he was to stay in bed until we had breakfast ready.

“I watched him laugh when his brother popped in for a coffee & they shared a fun story or two,” Saoírse’s mum wrote.

However, the day was also filled with tears for her heartbroken family.

“I watched him cry as Farrah Rose asked him if he missed you. I watched him cry as he stood in your bedroom looking for some comfort from being surrounded by your memory.”

They ensured it was a special day but anyone who has suffered a loss will know these days are overwhelming.

“I hope all the dads including my own had a lovely day today. Thinking of all those whose dads are gone ahead of us, those who haven’t had the privilege of being a dad & those dads like Dadda Ollie who tried their best to get through today missing the child that should have been here.”



Saoirse Ruane