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16th Feb 2024

Summer 2024: Insider travel tips that could save you money on your next trip abroad

Sophie Collins

Summer travel

The summer season seems so far away…

But if you’re looking to save some money on your summer getaway in 2024, the earlier you book the better.

According to travel experts, there are certain things you can do to save big on your next holiday.

One insider tip is that Tuesday is touted as the cheapest day to book flights domestically, while for international flights, Wednesday and Thursday offer the best deals – potentially saving you up to 20%. 

Keeping an eye out for offers and deals while booking in advance can also ensure you secure the best fares.

Packing your own snacks for the journey can also help cut costs, seen as airport and in-flight food prices can be exorbitant, according to experts at Howden Insurance.

Some other things to consider are:

Booking towards the end of summer for lower prices

When planning your holiday, timing is key to snagging the best deals on flights and accommodations. 

Prices for flights fluctuate throughout the year, typically spiking closer to the travel date. To maximise savings, aim to book your flights at least six months in advance, especially for long-haul trips. 

Additionally, consider scheduling your trip towards the end of summer, as prices tend to drop in August after reaching their peak in June. This way, you can enjoy savings while still soaking up the sun and warmth.

Check Tripadvisor before booking accommodation

Before booking accommodations, it’s essential to do your research to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. While opting for a 5-star hotel may seem luxurious, it’s not always necessary to guarantee quality. 

By comparing hotel prices, ratings, and reviews on platforms like Tripadvisor, you can find hidden gems that offer excellent value for money. 

Additionally, be wary of misleading all-inclusive packages and carefully review what amenities are included to avoid any unexpected expenses.

Beware of travel insurance scams

Selecting the right travel insurance is crucial for protecting yourself and your trip from unforeseen circumstances. 

However, it’s essential to be vigilant of fraudulent insurance providers who may attempt to deceive unsuspecting travellers. 

One common scam to watch out for is the “ghost-broker” scam, where individuals pose as licensed agents selling fake insurance policies. 

To avoid falling victim to scams, always purchase insurance from reputable and licensed providers, and seek recommendations from trusted sources if unsure.

Be cautious of “add-ons” and phishing scams

When purchasing travel insurance, be wary of unnecessary add-ons or extra benefits that may inflate the cost of your policy. 

Legitimate insurance companies should be transparent about what is included in the main policy, so don’t hesitate to ask questions if something seems off. 

Additionally, stay vigilant against phishing scams, where fraudsters impersonate legitimate insurance providers to obtain personal information or financial details. 

Always verify the authenticity of any communication received and avoid sharing sensitive information through unsecured channels.

By following these travel tips and staying informed about common scams, you can enjoy a stress-free and budget-friendly holiday without compromising on quality or safety. 

Finally, the experts say to remember that a little preparation and vigilance can go a long way in ensuring a memorable and hassle-free travel experience.