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17th Jun 2024

People stunned after learning what SPAM actually stands for



It’s not what you might think…

People are being left shocked after discovering what the ubiquitous four-letter word, SPAM, actually stands for.

The tinned ground meat mixture was first released in 1937 by food firm Hormel Foods.

Since then, it has gone on to become an icon of modern life.

Made up of pork, water, salt, potato starch, sugar, and sodium nitrate, many culinary fans often turn their nose up at the tinned product.

For others, though, the yellow and blue packaged item holds fond memories of childhood and homemade lunches.

Despite being such a huge brand name, it turns out not many knew where the name came from.

“On a whim, I purchased canned meat,” one person put online. “With the first taste, I understood SPAM was an acronym for Salt Preserves Any Meat.”

A second agreed with their theory: “What does SPAM stand for? Salty Piece A’ Meat?”

“I often conjectured that ‘Spam’ was an acronym for ‘Spoiled Ham,’” a third joked.

However, the mystery is now over for those of you here reading this far.

The word SPAM actually is a portmanteau for ‘spiced ham’. Makes sense, right?

Time reports that the name came about after actor Ken Daigneau, who was the brother of a Hormel exec, came up with the title in a naming contest.

You learn something new everyday!

Social image credit: Freezelight/Flickr