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29th Apr 2018

An expert shares some top tricks for making your perfume last longer

Ensuring that spritz last longer!


Have you a scent that you just LOVE but feel it never really sticks or you’re a little scare applying it because it cost a bomb? Yeah well… us too.

Perfume is such a luxury and something that most of us gals can’t live without however, if you are like me and way too sheepish to bring your perfume around with you in your bag for fear of breakage and utter heartache, well then these tips might help.

Layer up

The first nugget of advice I am going to bestow on you is to apply perfume in layers. Spraying your perfume after a shower or bath, straight after moisturiser is the best time. “Well-hydrated skin holds fragrance the best, so I love to spritz my fragrance after getting out of the shower and applying unscented body lotion,” says Christine Luby, co-founder of luxury San Francisco-based fragrance company Pinrose who spoke with the Telegraph.

Do NOT rub

Probably the greatest mistake ever made and one I am forever reminding my friends of since I learnt it myself is to NEVER rub in your perfume. I know we all get an urge to do so when we apply it to our wrists but seriously, resist. With the warmth of your skin a perfume unfolds itself naturally, so you are basically running that process by touching it. Where are the warm spots to apply? The pulse points of course, the wrist, behind the ears, elbows and on the neck. Sorted.

It’s all in the hair

According to Christine: “Another black belt move is to spritz fragrance directly onto your hair. Hair carries scent for a really long time. Applying fragrance directly to your hair creates delicious, mysterious wafts that are bound to get you compliments,” she says. Hair and scarfs are the secret weapon for that long lasting scent – just remember not to spray it too close for fear of staining your clothing.

Cool it down

The final tip, resist the urge and do not store your product on your window or on a dresser in direct sunlight. This can actually damage your fragrance and instead, keep them in their boxes in a cool dark area like a dresser drawer for instance.