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30th Mar 2016

Eat These Foods Before A Spray Tan For A Flawless Finish

You really are what you eat.

Megan Cassidy

We already knew that preparation is KEY before getting a spray tan.

We thought we were the absolute business with all our exfoliating and moisturising.

But it turns out, what you eat also has an effect on your spray tan’s final finish.

Clara Anderson, VIP Tanning and Training Expert at Vita Liberata told Cosmopolitan UK that eating your greens is key to a smooth result:

She said: “Green vegetables, particularly spinach, kale and avocado boost your L-lysine levels which keep the skin smooth and hydrated. Keeping your L-lysine levels up will help to ensure your tan result is smooth, even and long lasting. If the body doesn’t have enough lysine, your tan won’t develop as well. So get eating your greens.”

New routine: Shave, exfoliate, moisturise, giant salad = Goddesses.