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01st Sep 2015

Drink From A Straw Or Bottle Sports Cap? Here’s How It Could Be Ruining Your Skin…

Somebody pass us a glass. STAT.


If you’re on the quest for wrinkle free skin but find yourself sucking from a straw or sports bottle, you might want to opt for a glass instead.

It might seem like a harmless habit, but sipping through a straw and sucking on a sports cap could actually be causing a series of fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth – much like those experienced by smokers.

According to skincare expert, and dermatologist queen to the stars Renee Rouleau, avoiding straws and bottle caps are the first steps in preventing damage to the skin around your mouth:

“When drinking out of a straw, the movement of the mouth area that you have to make will encourage the breakdown of collagen and elasticity more quickly, causing unnecessary wrinkles and lines.

L-Long Breaths Through A Straw Not all the time, just for a few minutes a day. Take deep, long breaths and this simple exercise will have you breathing more deeply, which can improve your lung function and capacity.

“Drinking out of water bottles can also cause lines and wrinkles to form around the lips. If you’re concerned about lines and wrinkles, you should drink directly from the glass.”

There is some good news to this latest little update.

Apparently the habit only becomes damaging to the facial elasticity after your mid-twenties:

“Collagen and elasticity are at their strongest from birth until the mid-20s, with a weakening starting to occur from age 25 and on.

“You should start being more conscious around this time as preventing wrinkles is far easier and less expensive than trying to get rid of them once they appear.​​”

So next time you’re in a café, or planning lunch on the go, invest in a travel mug or drink from a glass.

You could be saving yourself a fortune in skincare creams for years to come…

H/T Marie Claire via Renee Rouleau