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02nd Apr 2022

DIY dimples are the latest TikTok beauty trend – but is it really worth the effort?

TikTok always finds a way.

Recently, there’s been a huge surge in the popularity of natural beauty trends. And if you thought fake freckles were out there, get ready for his one.

The latest natural aesthetic TikTokers are hyping is dimples. And yes, dimples are undeniably cute, but they’re something you’re either born with or not. Right?

Maybe not. A “dimple hack” video by TikTok user @arwaakhu recently went viral, showing how you can create the facial indentations yourself, regardless of genetics.

In the video, she places one finger into each cheekbone for 30 seconds and twists it back and forth in a circular motion. Soon after, she repeats the process with two pencils. We then see her smiling and showing off her new dimples.

@arwaakhu Reply to @selen_gue naturally get dimples #foryou #dimples #tips #hacks #selfcare ♬ original sound – ⬲


Sound too good to be true? That’s because it probably is. Unfortunately, according to experts, any results from this will be short-lived – so the hack is really only good for when you want to snap a quick selfie.

Dermatologist Melanie Palm told Allure that dimples are “categorised as a unique facial trait,” which means “there is really not a way to non-invasively or minimally invasively achieve this result”.

In other words, if you really want dimples, and you weren’t born with them, the only way you’re gonna get them is by going under the knife. This is a real procedure and it’s called a dimpleplasty.

There’s not much you can’t fake these days if you’re truly dedicated enough. So, you can pay a pretty penny and have them surgically embedded in your face if your heart so desires via a pretty invasive procedure. And even then, they won’t like quite like the real thing. Yikes.

TikTokers have also promises another method of faking dimples with with makeup by drawing two tiny vertical lines with brown eyeliner and blending it out to mimic the look of a dimple.

And if you already dimples, this make up can work wonders to really enhance what you’ve already got.

When it comes to natural beauty trends, we think we’ll still to the faux freckles for now!