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11th Feb 2018

Dip powder nails! 2018’s first manicure trend is stunning

We have to try these!

Dip powder nails are here and they’re truly gorgeous as you’ll see from these stunning snaps.

If you’re up to date with your beauty trends, you may have heard of the idea before now but it’s about to become big this year.

It’s different to a normal mani because the dip powder paint tends to last longer, usually for up to two weeks, similar to Shellac or Gelish.

Like most nail treatments, you start with a base coat, then comes the dip powder where your nails are dipped into powder.

The difference is UV lamps aren’t used here as the dip powder dries on its own which we’re very intrigued by.

This new manicure is set to become a huge trend this year largely due to how pretty it looks, making it a major hit on social media.

If you’re wondering how ‘good’ dip powder is for your nails, one nail technician equates this trend to acrylics and gels.

Chatting with Glamour, celebrity manicurist Erica Marton says:

“They’re equally healthy to gels and basic acrylics that are already out”.

Like Shellacs and Gelish manicures, they’re not removed easily and can do damage to your nails if not removed properly.

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We’ll be interested to see if they take off in Irish salons…