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11th Jan 2020

Clean beauty: I have found the best natural deodorant that actually works

Trine Jensen-Burke

In an effort to ditch all things toxic, I spent the best part of last year searching for the very best natural beauty products so that I could get rid off the ones that were actually filled with all sorts of nasty and harmful ingredients.

I have tested body balms and lip scrubs and shampoos, as well as self-tanners, serums and last, but not least, deodorants.

Did you know conventional deodorants are actually chock-a-block with ingredients that have been tied to many types of cancer? And that they contain chemicals that can disrupt your hormones? What to look out for? Aluminium chlorohydrate, parabens, propylene glycol and triclosan, to name a few, but there are other questionable ones too.

The thing is though, especially when it comes to deodorants, it is one thing to want to go with one that is free from ingredients that are bad for you, but you also want it to actually work hard. As in; it is not enough that it looks pretty or comes from a clean beauty brand you love, it really needs to do its job too.

Having tested a mountain of deodorants lately, I have come across ones that once rolled on, barely lasted the hour. Some left a sticky, white residue, some smelled vile and others simply did not work.

However, there were others that impressed, and these three below are my top picks – the Rudolph Care one, from one of my absolute favourite Danish clean beauty brands, might be on the expensive side, but trust me, it is worth every cent.

1. Rudolph Care Keep On Rolling Deo

If you are into clean beauty, you need to know about the absolutely gorgeous products from Rudolph Care. For instance, their suncare products are a staple in my holiday suitcase, and have been for years.

As for their Keep on Rolling deodorant, not only does it smell deliciously fresh and gentle, it keeps me odour-free all day, even on days when I am running around like crazy or manage to make a yoga class or run.

It does not contain antiperspirants (you are meant to sweat, FYI) but instead uses the natural crystal Potassium Alum to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria. What this means, is that this natural crystal deodorant encourages the skin to breathe and maintain its natural balance.

I love that it contains ingredients like Chamomile, which calms the skin, shea butter to strengthens it and aloe vera, which has a lovely cooling effect.

€22, Rudolph Care

2. Jason Aloe Vera Deodorant

A great budget buy, this deodorant from Jason uses only natural ingredients, contains no artificial colours or animal by-products, has bio-degradable packaging, and – best of all – works like a charm.

Oh, and did I mention it smells delicious too!

€7.10, The Health Store

3. Evolve Beauty Cotton Fresh Natural Deodorant Cream

I was sceptical of this deodorant cream, probably as I am so used to roll-ons, but all my worries were for nothing. This gorgeous balm-like deodorant from Evolve Beauty is 100 percent vegan and blended with nourishing organic shea butter and coconut oil, Kaolin, Bicarbonate of Soda and natural essential oils.

The first day I used it I had one of those manic days where I was running around all day, from an early breakfast meeting, straight to work, home in time for school pick-up, then off to ballet for my little girl, before barely getting them home and off to an evening work event. And guess what? My deodorant delivered. I still felt fresh as I stepped into the shower that evening, no doubt thanks to the hard-working ingredients, including sage oil, which is known for its anti-microbial, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

A star buy.

€14, The Clean Beauty Edit

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(Feature image via Rudolph Care)