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22nd Aug 2023

Cinnamon cookie butter hair is the latest trend we’re obsessed with

It feels like every time I sit down to write about the latest beauty trend going viral, Hailey Bieber is at the helm of it.

First, she had glazed donut skin and nails, then there was strawberry girl blush and now we have cinnamon cookie butter hair… we’re sensing a theme here.

Colourist Matt Rez took to social media yesterday to share Hailey’s new hair and dubbed it perfect for autumn as “cinnamon cookie butter”.

Shifting from the lighter shades we all tend to opt for during the summer months and now going for darker browns or auburn, autumn has always been the season our hair colour sees a cosier transition.

“We were going for a caramely, cookie butter vibe with a bit of cinnamon copper undertone,” Rez said, explaining that the aim was not to fall into the typical redhead trend we often see this season but going for more of a subtle look.


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“Hailey loves natural and I love natural.”

The look was created with a blended and multidimensional colour and tone which was done by Rez’s “mid-lights”.

Explaining how this is a colour that lands between base hue and highlight, he said: “Hailey’s hair is extremely reflective—it’s like glass. So when you incorporate all of these colors, it changes depending on the light.”

“Hailey is so good at bringing inspo, and she always has a good starting point,” says Rez. “It’s never up to interpretation, and I love that about her.”