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09th Mar 2016

Celebrity Dermatologist Reveals The Time Of Day Your Body Produces Anti-Aging Hormones

... And why you should avoid eating at these times.

Megan Cassidy

Yet another reason it’s bad for our health to eat late at night…

We’ve always been told that late night snacking is detrimental to our waistlines, however, now it looks like it’s not doing our skin any favours either.

Celebrity dermatologist, Dr Neetu Nirdosh, whose client list includes Kelly Brook and Frieda Pinto, divulged his top skin tips to and the revelations were pretty interesting.

Dr. Nirdosh revealed that eating after 7pm is off the menu for him, explaining that “the body needs to release anti-aging hormones for repair at night and eating too late causes it to release insulin which negatively affects skin.”


In fairness, we already knew that we needed to break the late-night eating habit.

Aside from our digestive systems needing a nice long break to sort themselves out, we also tend to go for the more sugary, fatty options late at night, so ruling food out after a certain time has its benefits.

Netflix and fruit salad just doesn’t have the same ring to it…