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01st Mar 2024

Botox in Ireland: ‘The lack of regulation has allowed the industry to explode’

Sophie Collins


Are things getting out of control?

The beauty industry in Ireland is experiencing a lucrative botox boom, but with it comes a darker side marked by dangerous practices. 

In an upcoming RTÉ Investigates documentary, reporter Pamela Fraher is delving into the murky world of the Irish beauty industry, revealing the widespread availability of illegal Botox and the sale of prescription medicines. 

The aesthetics industry, in particular, is witnessing unprecedented growth, with more people than ever seeking cosmetic procedures. 

From cosmetic enhancements to clinical treatments, the industry’s expansion has outpaced regulation, creating a breeding ground for illicit practices. 

Covert filming by RTÉ Investigates exposes the alarming prevalence of unlicensed botox and weight-loss medications peddled by beauty salons and businesses operating outside the law. 

This rampant disregard for regulations puts the public at risk, exposing them to products and procedures that may be unfit for purpose. 

Dr. Eithne Brenner, an Aesthetic Medicine Physician, sounds the alarm, stating: “There are procedures being done in every corner in Ireland today, which are putting people at undue risk.” 

The national broadcaster goes further, delving into the illicit movement of prescription-only products within beauty salons and across borders. 

One major supplier of Botox instructs an undercover reporter, “You put them in your bag, drive across the border. No police, no customs, no nothing.” 

The documentary, “RTÉ Investigates: Botox & Beauty at Any Cost,” promises to shed light on these dangerous trends. 

Viewers are urged to tune in this coming Monday, 4th March, at 9.35 pm on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player to witness the startling revelations uncovered by RTÉ Investigates.