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20th Apr 2022

Boots to discontinue all make up wipes containing plastic

Big changes.

Boots Ireland has revealed that the company will be getting rid of one of the most used products on our bathroom shelves by the end of this year.

In hopes to reduce the amount of plastic they stock, the beauty and health retailer is removing any wet wipes that contain plastic fibres from its shelves and

Popular brands like Simple face wipes and Water Wipes won’t be affected by the ban as they avoid plastic in their products anyway, but other brands will be affected.

Some popular brands contain plastic resins like polyester or polypropylene and are not fully biodegradable.

It means that these wipes are single use plastic and can last in our environment for up to 100 years.

Boots is one of the biggest sellers of wet wipes in Ireland with over 140 different lines stocked across skincare, baby, tissue and health care categories.

Boots Ireland now has written to its suppliers saying that they will be removing all wet wipes that plastic fibres from its shelves and by the end of the year.

This is the latest action the company is taking to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable, as well as ensuring its customers make more sustainable choices.

Speaking about the incoming changes, Andy McQuade, Head of Trading at Boots Ireland, said: “Our customers are more aware than ever before of their impact on the environment, and they are actively looking to brands and retailers to help them lead more sustainable lives.

“We removed plastics our own brand and No7 wet wipe ranges in 2021, and now we are calling on other brands and retailers across Ireland to follow suit in eliminating all plastic-based wet wipes. We all have a responsibility to protect our planet.

“By joining forces to inspire more positive action, we can collectively make a big difference.”