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13th Aug 2015

Beauty Fans – LOOK What’s on the Way To Aldi!

We have a lot of love for a beauty bargain!

Rebecca McKnight

German pocket-friendly retailers Aldi are no stranger to rave beauty reviews for their Lacura Expert range. Now, they’ve got some more exciting news. 

The supermarket is now adding to the bestselling range by introducing a new anti-ageing Expert Wrinkle Smoother (€5.99) with their patented active complex Mimox® X, aka the “miracle worker”.

Expert Wrinkle Smoother

On sale as a Special Buy from this Sunday, August 16th, the Expert Wrinkle Smoother, is designed to “counteract the tension which is responsible for the formation of wrinkles and triggers the regeneration of the skin’s own collagen and elastin fibres”.

Scientific tests have revealed that the product can reduce wrinkle depth by up to 35 per cent, as well as finding that the skin regained elasticity by up to 27 per cent and firmness improved by up to an impressive 32 per cent, after four weeks of use. 

Some favourites are also on the way back to shelves – with the Expert Beautifying Serum and Expert Double Effect Eye Gel also set to arrive in stores nationwide this weekend, at a price point of €5.99 each. 

Expert Beautifying Serum

The Expert Beautifying Serum boasts blue-green micro algae extract, which adds protein to the skin, leaving it  softer and smoother. Independently tested over 4 weeks, women using the Expert Beautifying Serum noticed wrinkle depth reduced by up to 31 per cent, skin regained elasticity by up to 33 per cent and suppleness improved by up to 34 per cent.

Expert Eye Gel

The Expert Eye Gel contains caffeine, horse chestnut and kudzu extract to tighten and brighten the sensitive area around the eyes.