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23rd May 2018

Are you a sweaty mess? Here’s 5 products you need to survive the heat

Jade Hayden

The sun is out and send help immediately.

Look, summer is finally here and it’s great, we know.

And while the sun may bring lots of nice things like heat and tans and the ability to go to work without 17 jackets and an umbrella, it also brings some bad things too.

Like sweat. Lots and lots of sweat.

Navigating the world when you’re sweating profusely is extremely difficult and in some cases, almost totally impossible.

Lucky for us though, products exist to make our sweaty days go by with a little less… sweat.

This is them.

1. An antiperspirant that stops you sweating 

Full on just stops it, like.

You roll a bit of this stuff on, a gel matrix forms in your sweat glands, and you just stop sweating.

All that excess liquid is reabsorbed into your body and disposed of in a way that’s totally safe. Ideal.

However, and that’s a big however, this kind of roll on can sting like a bitch if you use too much of it over a short period of time.

A mistake I, of course, have made in the past.

It can also cause a bit of a rash and lead to general discomfort if your skin is too sensitive for it, so always give yourself a bit of a trial run first so you know you’re good to go.

Similarly, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wash this stuff off properly at the end of the day. Just in case.

2. Moisturiser, and lots of it 

Because I am the worst person in the world, I didn’t have a body skin care routine until this week.

I know, I know, I clearly hated myself and did not respect the skin that covers my body enough to ensure that I was not a scale-y, reptilian mess… until now, that is.

A whole load of tanning in the sun and even more peeling made me realise that I needed to get over myself, buy a good bottle of moisturiser, and actually start using it every day.

So I got myself some La Roche-Posay face and body moisturising balm which is good for skin like mine – dry, a bit sensitive, and prone to looking a bit cracked after showering.

It’s now day three of my widely anticipated and long-overdue skincare routine and yeah, it seems to be doing the job.

This moisturiser is only €13.99 in Boots at the minute too, so it’s a decent enough deal.

3. A good non-slip, no-show sock 

While we’d all like to go feet-out for the rest of our lives, sometimes it’s just not possible.

Neither is it possible to wear ankle socks when you don’t want to give the appearance that you’re actually wearing socks.

It’s a whole thing.

The general issue I tend to have with no-show socks though is that they slip off your feet. Constantly. Especially if you’re sweating.

It’s grim, but a company called Sheec have a no-show sock that’s been designed so it just won’t slip off your foot. At all.

The socks also have a cotton sole for sweat absorption and silicone grips so they’ll stay where they’re supposed to and won’t make your feet feel disgusting.

Stunning, really.

4. Some form of mini-fan 

You’ll pick one up in the €2 shop or something, just get one.

You won’t regret it.

5. All of the lip balm in the world 

If you’re a sweaty mess and you’re out and about in the heat, your lips are going to get dry.

Like, really dry.

Like, so dry that they’re chapped and sore and flaking off every time you take a sip of your water that you’ve been of course drinking religiously.

In this case, you’ll probably have an array of lip balms to choose from on a daily basis, but if you really want one that’s going to give you that soothing effect you so desperately crave on the hot summer days, go for some Burt’s Bees.

I’ve got a festive, cinnamon one on me at the moment for some unknown reason that’s probably Christmas related, but it trumps every other balm that’s graced my presence since that time.

So soothing, so pure, so able to make me not feel like a sweaty disaster.

… Most of the time.