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16th Apr 2022

Are thin eyebrows really on the way back around?

It’s official -we have hit peak ’90s revival.

The ’90s trends just keep on resurfacing – from frosted shadow to mini skirts.

And one of the latest trends to rear its head is none other than thin eyebrows.

If you were around at the time, you’ll remember accidentally over-plucking your brows into oblivion and riding out the long and painful wait to re-grow them. It wasn’t fun.

The look was a hit with almost every ’90s icon – like Naomi Campbell, Gwen Stefani, Pamela Anderson and Kate Moss.

In recent decades, full, defined brows have dominated. But now, all thanks to a TikTok filter that changes your brows to a skinnier version, people are realising they kinda look good with thin eyebrows.

@courtneymaililll What do you guys think?!?! #thineyebrowsaretheshit #thineyebrowsolution ♬ huh – &lt3

And some people are 100% up for bringing back skinny brows.

“I’m sorry, but I love it,” one user said, while another mused: “I think they’re the reason why the girlies were so fine in the 2000s.”

We partly have Disney+’s Pam & Tommy to thank too – Lily James looked incredible portraying ’90s Pamela Anderson who is famous for her standout thin brows (even though the actress wore a prosthetic forehead the whole time!)

This time around though, things aren’t so extreme. Instead of pencil-thin straight brows, we now have a more subtle and flattering version of the trend.

Bella Hadid is one of the celebs showing us exactly how to do it the right way, with a slender arched look.

If you are hell bent on recreating thin brows, there’s no need to reach for the tweezers and get plucking JUST yet.

Overplucking can be damaging and, if you go wrong, there’s really no way to know for sure if the hairs will totally grow back. Thankfully, there’s a few ways to try it out that aren’t so permanent.

Try covering your brows up with makeup and drawing a thinner shape with a pencil instead. Or very subtly shape them with a tweezers and trim the hairs for a thinner look.

If you’re still convinced you want to take the plunge and go for the real thing, be sure to book in with a professional.