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11th Jun 2018

A Dublin model has just nabbed the cover of FHM in Australia and it’s stunning

From UCD to FHM, Kerrie McMahon has made it big Stateside.

The Dundrum native, once studying to become a writer, has made it in the modelling world in LA, something we can all agree is not easy to come by.

Having first moved over there in 2015, Kerrie wanted a retreat from Ireland to write, but after she was scouted by numerous photographers, she decided to give modelling a go.

Her first major campaign was for 138 Water, a bottled water brand loved by celebrities, however fast forward three years and she has now flown over to Australia to be on the cover of the world-famous men’s mag, FHM.

And while she’s absolutely delighted about her new found career, Kerrie told Her that it’s not always as glamorous as one might think.

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“The different photo shoots are always a unique experience. I did one all around the desert in Las Vegas. In one part, we were told to watch out for any snakes hiding in the shade.

“Then the photographer said ‘just lie down on that bench, oh wait watch out for that rusty old nail, now try to look sexy!'”

Ouch! Don’t think we’d have it in us to look sexy with snakes and nails on the ground beside us.

Before Kerrie even considered moving over to LA, she battled with an eating disorder as a teen. She said that she didn’t find herself until later in life, and with help, and the support of her parents, she was able to gain a healthy self-image.

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“Having recovered from anorexia when I was younger, I learnt that to be kind to myself and others is the only way to be truly happy. Inner beauty will always shine through!

“It takes constant practice and strength to feel good enough as you are but it makes life far more enjoyable when you work on accepting yourself.”

However, trying to keep up with the modelling world in LA isn’t always easy, with Kerrie telling us: “There is a constant pressure to be in perfect shape but I think that women everywhere no matter what their job is experience this.”

Capitalising on her success, the model says that she has a few tips and tricks that will always keep her going, because you never know when your next job will come along.

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“I am naturally fair-skinned, but since I mostly do swimwear, I’m a total pro at applying fake tan. I always stock up on my Cocoa Brown! Latex gloves for applying it and coconut oil to remove it are my top tanning tips.”

OK, we’re definitely going to be taking those tips on board!

Kerrie is so delighted with her new life over in LA, she wants to make the most of it, and with reports that Love Island producers are looking right at her for she famed show, it seems she already has.

Between modelling in LA, Ireland and now Australia, she says that she’s happy she took the leap to move over, and wouldn’t change a minute of it.

“Taking everything into account, I am so glad I made the brave move to LA and overall I really like my life here. I hope to continue to expand my range of modeling and contribute to the country that has given so much opportunity to me.”