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16th Jan 2022

3D curls is one trend you’ll be seeing everywhere this year if you have textured hair

Ellen Fitzpatrick

One for the girls with curls.

Women have been embracing their natural hair and texture over the last few years, and thanks to the naturally curled hair of us on TikTok, we’ve been shown how to work with our curls and not against them.

3D curls are set to be 2022’s next biggest hair trend and if you haven’t heard of this one yet, you’re about to.

3D curls aren’t like anything we’ve seen before, it’s more about a mindset rather than a cut or colour. “3D curls are all about embracing the multidimensional beauty of curly hair,” Tom Smith, hairstylist and the European creative director of Evo Hair told Glamour.

This trend is all about enhancing your natural hair and beauty, showing off the texture you were born with.

To really make them stand out and come across as dimensional as possible, Smith gave his one big tip.

“Using a strong-hold gel or balm to define the curls will initially create a crunchy ‘cast,’ but this should be encouraged and left alone until the hair is 100% dry,” he says. “You then ‘break the cast’ of the curls by gently massaging – never run your fingers through the curls or be tempted to brush them.”

He added that these curls look best when they are glossy and shiny so it’s best to choose products that have a moisturising factor but still have the ability to hold the curls.

To add more shine, why not add a shine spray or gently scrunch a few drops of shine serum through your hair.

And don’t be afraid to use a lot of product, curls can naturally hold and handle more product than straight hair types.

Smith recommends asking your stylist for the best product for your hair and to apply a thick layer of if, “scrunch and shape your curls, and then leave them alone until 100% dry”. If you’re in a rush, use a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer on alow speed but high heat and be sure to not touch your curls with the diffuser or your hands as they dry.