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28th May 2022

3 new SPF skincare products we’re loving in 2022

Jade Hayden

Protect your skin, and leave it glowing.

Skincare should make your skin feel good and healthy. It should also ideally protect it, providing a subtle glow that also protects from the sun’s harmful rays.

As the summer months are fast approached, you’d wanna make sure your skin is as protected as possible, while still looking dewy, clear, and absolutely gorgeous.

Here are three products that we’ve been loving so far in 2022 ahead of the summer months.

1. Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch Mineral SPF, €19.00

The product is tailored to suit combination to oily skin, providing a sheer, bare-skin effect while protecting skin and improving skin texture during the summer months and beyond. 

Combination to oily skin can be prone to blemishes such as dark spots, marks or red spots, so to tackle this, smear some Bioderma on your face and you’ll be sorted. And protected – which is the main thing.

Find out more here. 

2. Skinmade Protect and Care Skin Oil, €45.00

In the market for a high UVA and UVB protection based light oil that feels only divine on your face? Look no further than Skinmade. The antioxidants in this product come from the red algae – astaxanthin in particular, which is considered the strongest known antioxidant in the world.

The product is perfect for anyone craving some sun protection for their skin, but doesn’t want to put thick creams on their face everyday. Skinmade’s oil is light and soft, making it an ideal base for makeup and makeup-free days.

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3. Eucerin Sun Face Oil Control 50+, €20.35

Eucerin has long been the king of basic skincare, providing a whole host of creams and oils for every skin type under the sun.

The brand have recently launched a whole range of new skincare products perfect for when you are, indeed, under the sun. This one in particular is for oily and acne prone skin.

With a unique non-greasy formula made with oil control technology, the L-Carnitine gives the skin a mattifying finish and a long-lasting anti-shine effect of up to eight hours.

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