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04th Apr 2019

One of the top wedding trends of the past few years is apparently OUT for 2019

Reckon these have been done to death?

Anna O'Rourke

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If you’ve ever planned a wedding (or are in the midst of planning it now) then you’ll know that decor is a key part of the day.

From the colour scheme in your venue right down to little touches on tables, your decor sets a certain atmosphere and will help to make the day even more memorable.

You’ll probably have pored over Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration as you plan your nuptials – but one expert reckons that a big trend driven by social media has had its day.

Flower walls are out for 2019, claims Colin Cowie.

The US wedding planner has worked on events for Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez and reckons that couple are going to opt for more subtle displays this year.

“Keep an eye out for the return of modern, contemporary, minimalist looks as this year, less is more,” he told the Mirror.

“Out with the over-the-top floral walls and in with non-traditional florals made of wheat or grass.”

We love a flower wall as much as anyone (what better backdrop for a selfie?) but we’d have to agree that we’ve seen a lot of them over the past few years.

Wheat and grass may seem like odd choices but they can look seriously stylish in a venue or even incorporated into a bouquet.

If you’re aiming for a rustic or natural theme, wheat or grass might just be the perfect alternative to a flower wall.