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27th Oct 2023

Bride left shocked when friend demands wedding invite for her dog

dog wedding

Dogs are members of the family but how far would you take it?

One bride found out just how close one of her friends was with her dog when she asked if could she have a plus one for the pooch.

As you can imagine when the bride said no things went a bit pear-shaped and now she’s turned to Reddit to find out if she was in the wrong.

The 28-year-old in question wrote, “My friend, Lisa, has a dog named Max that she adores. Max is a lovable but highly energetic German Shepherd.

“Recently, Lisa asked me if she could bring Max to my wedding. She argued that he was part of her family, and she couldn’t imagine leaving him alone for the whole day. She wants him to be a part of our special day.

Though the bride admitted that she loved Max too, the venue she and her partner had chosen for their wedding had a strict no pets policy.

dog wedding
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She continued, “I explained that our venue doesn’t allow pets, and it’s a formal event. We have a lot of guests who might not be comfortable around dogs, and I don’t want any potential disruptions during the ceremony or reception.”

Yet this answer wasn’t good enough for Lisa and instead, she and the bride got into a heated argument.

“Lisa got upset and accused me of being inconsiderate. She said she’d keep Max on a leash and make sure he doesn’t bother anyone.

“I insisted that we have to follow the venue’s rules, but Lisa won’t drop it. Now she’s threatening not to come to the wedding at all because Max can’t be there.”

dog wedding
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Though the two did reconcile, her fellow Redditor users were shocked to find out it was because the bride agreed to have a small pre-wedding ceremony so that her friend’s dog would be in attendance.

A majority of Redditors believed that the original poster should have stuck to her guns and not made such a big accommodation for her friend.

“This is a completely inappropriate request. Max is a pet, not a service animal. She needs to make arrangements for him by leaving him with a friend, family member, or boarding facility,” wrote one.

dog wedding
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Another commented, “I have never heard of a guest bringing a dog to a wedding, especially a formal indoor ceremony. There are lots of members of her family, should all of them be included?”

While a third added, “It’s your wedding, not hers. You shouldn’t be expected to change your venue to accommodate her request.”