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22nd Sep 2023

Bride bans bridesmaid from getting her hair and make-up done so she doesn’t ‘outshine’ her

A bride has been slated after refusing to let her bridesmaid get her hair and makeup done.

A bride has come under fire after banning her bridesmaid from getting her hair and make-up done – as she doesn’t want anyone to “outshine” her.

The understandably frustrated bridesmaid shared some messages she received from the bride-to-be on social media, which were then shared on Reddit.

The woman began by asking if she could ask her bridesmaid “a favour”.

And when she tells her to go ahead, the bride-to-be drops the bizarre question.

“I don’t mean to sound weird but can you not wear make-up for my wedding,” she tells her.

The bridesmaid points out she doesn’t wear much makeup anyway, but that she thought it would have been expected as it is a wedding.

“Why? I don’t wear make-up regardless but isn’t everyone getting their make-up done,” she asks her, to which the bride replies: “Yeah but I don’t want you to outshine me.”

She quickly follows it up with another message, asking the bridesmaid not to get her hair done.

The woman repeats the bride’s requests back to her, just to make sure things are clear.

She asks the bride:

“So you want me to be [in] a formal dress with my hair natural and no make-up?”

The bride, seemingly over the moon, replies:

“Yes, please. Are you okay with that? Because it should be about me that day and [I] don’t want anyone to look better.

The texts have gotten a huge reaction since they were first shared on Reddit earlier this month.

“I feel a lot worse for the bridesmaids she didn’t text…,” one person commented.

“Grown women who do this need counselling,” someone else said.

“She will shine even if one or all the bridesmaids are prettier. I never understood why they think they won’t,” another person wrote.