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08th Mar 2024

‘Am I wrong for refusing to change my wedding date?’

Anna Martin

wedding date

Having a wedding date picked can make things start to feel real

It’s one of the first steps on your journey to saying ‘I do’ to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

So what would you do if one of your family members decided they wanted to move the date to suit their life plans,

Well, one woman refused and now she’s wondering if she was wrong for standing her ground.

Explaining what happened on Reddit, she wrote: “My fiancé and I have been engaged for over a year, and we finally set our wedding date six months ago.

wedding date
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“We’ve been planning this day down to the last detail, from the venue to the guest list, making sure everything is perfect. Our families were all on board, and everything seemed smooth sailing until my brother threw a wrench in the works.”

Basically, it looked good until her brother was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to work abroad.

Continuing her story the woman explained: “The problem is the start date for his new job is a week before my wedding. Now, he’s asking me to move my wedding so he can attend both the ceremony and his job orientation.

“Adjusting the wedding date isn’t as simple as he makes it sound. We’ve already paid non-refundable deposits, and rescheduling would not only be a logistical nightmare but can also mean losing a significant amount of money.

“We’ve chosen our date based on several factors like venue availability and to make sure that as many of our loved ones can attend as possible.”

wedding date
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So the Reddit told her brother that the date would not be moving but both he and their parents ganged up on her, trying to make her change it.

Now she’s wondering if she was wrong for refusing but it seems all of Reddit were on her side.

“Ask him which online platform he prefers and you’ll live stream the ceremony for him to watch on that. That’s the most concession I would advise you give him,” penned one.

Another added: “If it’s that important to your brother, he should tell his new employer that he has to delay his start date for ten days.”

“Ask him if he is willing to pay you the money you will lose changing the date and help with all the organization. Let’s see if your wedding is so important then,” commented a third individual.