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03rd Jul 2023

Dad refuses to pay for daughter’s wedding after she stops him from walking her down the aisle

A bride has refused to let her dad walk her down the aisle at her wedding and now he’s refusing to pay for the big day.

The dad opened up about the ordeal in a recent Reddit post and we are in awe of how honest he is.

The dad explained that his 19-year-old daughter doesn’t want him to walk her down the aisle at her wedding.

She told him that she doesn’t believe in the tradition, which is totally fair (good on her). She explained to her parents that they don’t “own” her so they “have no right to give her away”.

The dad admitted he was hurt when she told them because “we’ve tried our best to provide her with a wonderful life”.

“I respect her choices, but I feel she’s disregarding our feelings completely. As a response, I told her that if she feels that way, then I won’t be paying for her wedding,” he shared.

The dad agreed that he doesn’t “own” his daughter, but he also doesn’t “owe her a fully-funded wedding”.

“She can pay for her own wedding if she’s insistent on this stance,” he said.

“She’s had every opportunity in life so far, and to exclude us from this day is a spit in the face. It’s a rejection of everything we’ve done for her, sacrificed for her, given her. It’s selfish.”

Do you think the dad is being fair? Or does he need to shake it off and accept that his daughter doesn’t need to follow dated-traditions?


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