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13th Feb 2019

6 unique (and totally delicious) alternatives to wedding cakes

Keeley Ryan

The wedding cake used to be a can’t-go-without essential for any big day.

The tiered option for a tasty dessert break during your celebrations, accompanied by that oh-so-lovely shot of the newlyweds cutting the cake, seems to be a wedding tradition that has stood the test of time.

Well, kind of.

As the years have gone on, there’s been an increase in wedding cake alternatives – whether you’re looking for something savoury or sweet.

So, if you’re after an alternative to the traditional wedding cake, here are 6 unique options that are totally tasty.

Wedding cupcakes

A delicate cupcake that is decorated to represent your theme, colour-scheme or that would simply include a personal touch will definitely wow your guests. It’s also the perfect option if you’re not quite able to narrow down the flavours you want in your cake, as you can do a mix-and-match sort of thing.

Plus, if like me and you’re a bit nervous about the idea of the cake falling (or, in my case, that I’d trip over my own two feet and faceplant into the cake) – they can be laid out in a flat display on the table. So there’s no issue.

Wedding doughnuts

Normally seen as more of a snack than anything related to wedding celebrations, doughnuts can also double as an elegant (and tasty) dessert for you big day.

With so many options for fillings, flavours and not to mention decorations, a tiered doughnut tower is a gorgeous and cost-effective alternative to a wedding cake.

Wedding cheese cakes

The idea of a wedding cheese cakes have become increasingly popular across the globe over the last few years – and they’re the perfect option for soon-to-be newlyweds who are after something a bit more savoury.

Made up of about two or three cheeses, stacked on top of each other in a series of tiers, you can always decorate them with a variety of flowers or fruits if you don’t want it to look too cheesy.


The traditional French confection is basically a tower of fluffy, bite-sized choux pastries – kind of like small, round éclairs – that are assembled into a cone shape and held together with some caramel syrup.

If you’re looking to stick with traditional, the towers are normally decorated with ribbons of spun sugar, or drizzlings of caramel or chocolate – but you can also garnish it with things like fresh berries or flowers, for a more unique touch.

Wedding macarons

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The popularity of macarons is showing no signs of slowing down, so it’s no wonder that an increasing number of couples are finding ways to bring them into their plans for the big day – especially since you can get so many delicious flavours.

Much like the doughnuts, if you’re still after the wedding cake shape (without an actual cake), the macarons can be styled in a  tower – with different flavours on each layer – and plenty of delicate and wonderful wedding-inspired accents.

Wedding pies

Sometimes, you may not want a cake – but could still be after a sweet treat that you can slice up and divide among your wedding guests.

Some of the popular options include things like berry-filled pies, pecan pies, and, of course, apple pies – or even a fig pie, if you’re looking to incorporate one of the wedding cake trends of the year. It also offers the option for a DIY touch (if your venue actually allows it).

Keeley and Sam are saying ‘I do,’ in May 2019. And with a year to go, this bride-to-be admits she’s still learning the ropes. In the run-up to her Big Day, Keeley will be writing a weekly blog about all things wedding-related… from the start of planning, to walking down the aisle.