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03rd Feb 2016

Sexually Transmitted Case Of Zika Virus Recorded In America

The virus is spreading rapidly through the Americas

Ellen Tannam

Yesterday it was reported that the first cases of Zika virus had been recorded here in Ireland, with the individuals affected having recently returned from overseas travel.

The virus is primarily spread through mosquito bites and is strongly linked to the occurrence of microcephaly in infant children whose mothers contracted the disease while pregnant.

There is also now growing evidence that the disease can be spread sexually according to BBC News. A person in Dallas, Texas is likely to have contracted the virus through sexual contact.

According to James Gallagher, Health Editor of BBC News, as Zika can spread sexually, this means that the risks extend much further than just the countries with the large mosquito populations.

The World Health Organisation has said it could take up to 9 months to establish a connection between the virus and cases of microcephaly in babies.

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