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19th Mar 2014

Pic Of The Day: The Smoking Orangutan From Indonesia

How he likes to spend his day...

A 14-year-old male orangutan is proving quite the hit with tourist at Jurug Zoo in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. 

Kirno amuses visitors by mimicking human’s smoking cigarettes inside his enclosure. Intelligent primates in captive environments are known to resort to mimicry in order to keep themselves occupied, a practice that causes people to throw pre-lit cigarettes to the orangutan.

A spokesperson for the Jurug Zoo said: “It is difficult to prevent the visitors from giving cigarettes to Kirno.

“Many visitors misbehave. Smoking habits in orangutans are dangerous and can lead to a lack of appetite.”

This is not the first time a primate at the zoo was caught smoking. Two years ago orangutan, Tori, had to be moved to an island in order for her to kick the habit.


Image via The Telegraph.