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20th Feb 2023

Love Island first look: The villa gets a special guest visit as one couple heads to the Hideaway

Ellen Fitzpatrick


With most of the couples now happily reunited following the Casa Amor antics, tonight’s Love Island sees a little bit more grafting and for one lucky couple – it’s time for the Hideaway.

Following Will’s big romantic gesture for Jessie, the villa gets a text that says: “Islanders, The Hideaway Retreat is open tonight! Please choose a lucky couple to spend a romantic night together #JustTheTwoOfUs #TimeToPlay.”

The villa is unanimous in their decision, and as the villa begins to get excited about the night ahead, one girl predicts: ” think the L bomb might be dropped.”

The boy chosen to leave the Villa for the evening admits: “I’m almost nervous because I’ve not had this one-on-one time with her.”

Meanwhile, Olivia pulls Kai for a chat to ask for clarity following the recoupling.

Olivia says: “I wanted to pull you for a chat because when I went to Casa things were good, things were really good and I just want to know what made you have these feelings. Thinking I’m not genuine, that I’m fake, I just want to know where that’s come from.”

Kai says: “I feel like you’re happy with Max, I’m happy with Sanam.”

Olivia says: “But that’s not the point I’m getting at, you’ve said these things and I was really hurt at the fire pit when you called me fake. That’s not the person I thought I knew, they’re very strong things to say.”

Olivia adds: “I do expect an apology for those comments.”

Kai says: “I’m not apologising for anything… that’s how I felt at the time.”

It’s bed time in the villa and Tanya can’t get settled, so she heads downstairs. Spotting her, Tom and Samie say: “Where is she going?”

As Shaq sleeps, Tanya wakes him up to chat – but how will he react?

The next morning, Martin makes Tanya breakfast and asks where her head is at.

Martin asks: “How are you feeling today, I know yesterday wasn’t the best day for you, how do you feel? I want genuine how you feel answers.”

Tanya replies: “Today I feel good.”

Martin says: “You feel good, that’s good, it’s a new day, a new start.”

Tanya tells him: “I think I just have a lot to think about.”

It’s then time for Kai and Sanam to go on their first date, with a text reading: “Kai and Sanam, It’s time for your first date. Please get ready to leave The Villa #Watersports #KayakForTwo.”

As Sanam gets ready she says: “I’m excited but nervous.”

Arriving to find a kayak for two, they take to the water and Kai says: “Since you’ve come in here you’ve completely changed my perspective. It’s just effortless, with you I’m just really happy. I hope it continues because you’re the full package.”

Sanam says: ‘“I literally love our chats so much, we have so much to talk about.”

That evening, Will gets a text about a special VIP performance.

Will reads out: “Islanders it’s time to get glam because tonight the Villa will host a special VIP performer! #ThisIsReal #OutOut.”

Tom guesses correctly as he says: “It’s Jax Jones!”

Later that evening Jax Jones puts on an unforgettable set as the Islanders dance into the night.

Jax Jones has another surprise up his sleeve for the Villa and brings out vocalist Calum Scott for a live performance of their new single Whistle.

Once the evening is coming to an end, one islander takes to the stage for an unexpected announcement – but who is it?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.