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04th Jun 2022

Chloe Burrows reveals exactly what you’re not allowed bring to the Love Island villa

Oh dear God.

Love Island favourite Chloe Burrows has revealed exactly what is banned from entering the villa, and honestly, we don’t think we’d survive.

The 26 year old revealed that contestants heading into the summer of love aren’t allowed to bring fake tan into the villa.

And for the 2021 series, which Chloe was on, they were banned from wearing eyelash extensions.

During an interview with KISS Fresh, Chloe said there were a few items she wished she could have brought into the villa but wasn’t allowed to, and when asked what they were, she didn’t hesitate to spill all.

She said: “Uh, fake tan… and eyelash extensions.”

Chloe explained why too, saying fake tan was banned as producers didn’t want the bedsheets to get destroyed with it and have that shown on TV as soon as they woke up.


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“I was in for a right shock when I went in that villa cause I’m fake tan and eyelash ’til I die, and went in there and [the producers] were like ‘yeah you’re not allowed fake tan because of the bedsheets.'” she added.

“Cause obviously imagine that on TV – you can see bright pink stains everywhere from where I’ve been laying.”

When it came to the eyelash extensions were banned due to Covid being a lot more serious while filming.

Reminiscing on the show, she said: “Mine had all fallen out, so I had no lashes.”

“I remember that first morning, I got up, and you have to go and do your beach hut and then I walked back into the dressing room and then I was like ‘right I’m gonna make myself look really fit and go and stick it on these boys.’

“But then [the producers] were like ‘right go downstairs now.’

“So I’ve gone downstairs, not brushed my teeth, not brushed my hair, no lashes, pulling boys for chats.”

Love Island starts back and fake tan-less on Monday at 9pm on Virgin Media Two.