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07th Mar 2022

Beauty: DIBI Milano introduces new range for sensitive and reactive skin

Hands up if you’ve got sensitive skin.

Buying skin care products if you have sensitive or reactive skin can be difficult and involves a lot of trial and error.

To defend your skin’s sensitivity, DIBI Milano has responded by creating a Defence Solution, specifically designed for sensitive and reactive skin.

DIBI is a skincare brand that I’ve been using for a couple of years now as it’s just one of those tried and true ranges that works.

It’s currently Italy’s number one skin care line and if anyone knows anything about skin care it’s Italian women.

The new collection from DIBI contains skin-nurturing products acts against redness, hypersensitivity, dryness, and skin tingling to soothe, protect and nourish the skin, keeping all the skin’s function in balance.


DIBI Milano Defence Solution collection is a powerful triple-threat skin formulation which uses a technologically advanced carrier; the Niosome, to optimise the transport of active ingredients into the epidermis of the skin.

The three Niosome active ingredients in the collection are Garcinia Mangostana Fruit Extract (to soothe, protect and counteract inflammatory processes), Magnolia Extract (to combat stress and neutralise free radicals), and Yeast Fermentation Extract (rich in Zinc and to promote cell regeneration).

The new range will include a Micellar Water with Ceramides, a Repairing Moisturizing Cream and a Soothing Anti-Redness Cream.

The line has been efficiently tested on individuals with sensitive and reactive skin under dermatological control. The results found feelings of discomfort (tingling, itching, tightness of the skin) were reduced.

You can find out more information on the range on the DIBI website here.