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11th Jan 2018

Zara’s latest shoe launch is questionable and we can’t deal

Zara's latest shoe launch

No, no and NO.

Fashion-obsessed gals might be familiar with Balenciaga’s Triple S sneaker range which were launched last year and caused quite the stir.

People really weren’t sure how to feel about the designer sneakers which cost over £500 and have been described as “ugly” by many.

Nevertheless, they’ve led to a few copies imitations springing up on the high-street with Zara jumping on this particular bandwagon.

The brand has just released ‘platform sneakers’ and although we love pretty much everything from the Spanish retailer, we can’t quite get to grips with these.

Have a look at the range below, they come in all shapes and sizes but we have to say, this is one trend we won’t be investing in this season.

First up, the Multicoloured Platform Sneakers and to be fair, these are the ones we really have issues with.

Runners should be comfortable and these sneakers look like they’d be harder manage than a pair of heels and there’s just a bit too much going on as regards the colour palette.

Then, there are the Platform Sneakers and in fairness, we do approve of the monochrome/metallic pairing but again, the platform style is questionable.

However, we did find one pair that we could get on board with, the Contrasting Leather Platform Sneakers because that nude/grey combination is seriously fab.

What do you think, are you a fan?!