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18th Nov 2019

Yas QUEEN! This model walked the runway while breastfeeding, and we’re in awe

Rebecca O'Keeffe


What a HERO.

The fashion industry is becoming more and more diverse as the weeks, months and years go on.

We have seen women of every shape and size in magazines, and on the runway.

Last year, ASOS featured models in wheelchairs, because why the hell not?

And in a remarkable turn of events, a gorgeous model walked the runway of Miami Swim Week last year… while breastfeeding.

Mara Martin was one of 16 models who closed out the Sports Illustrated show on Sunday evening.

Looking stunning in a gold bikini, Mara strutted her stuff while breastfeeding her 5-month-old.


The clip was shared on Instagram, and people (obviously) were so inspired.

“Well done and well done for everyone there and here supporting this! *crying*” wrote one fan.

“Yes Yes YES! This just made my day,” wrote another.

The show also included women with physical disabilities, women of all sizes and colours.

LOVE to see this kind of diversity on the runway!