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21st Aug 2019

This stunning €60 wrap dress from River Island comes in THREE colours

Rebecca O'Keeffe

river island

Can we have them all?

Nothing brings us more joy than finding the perfect item of clothing.

You know the one that your mum will say “could take you anywhere”?

The dress you’ll wear to your mate’s 30th birthday party, your sister’s hen, or your BFF’s summer BBQ.

The “all rounder”.

Anyway, we were trawling through the Internet today, and found that exact item – in the form of a midi wrap dress.

The printed wrap midi dress is from River Island, and we’re obsessed with it.

It’s made from woven fabric, with a wrap front, long sleeves and a ruched side detail.

It’s a beautiful orange and navy print, and features V neck and button loop and zip back fastening.

Anyway, if you are loving this gorgeous dress, we have some good (but slightly stressful) news.

river island

It comes in three different colours… and they’re all gorgeous.

Which is a real kicker, as we now need to buy all of them, and making the decision on which one to purchase has been pretty overwhelming.

The dress comes in the orange and navy print, green with a gold chain print, and it also comes in plain black.

Send help (and money).

While not mad expensive, these babies are coming in at €60 a piece, which is really reasonable.

Especially when you consider just how much wear you’ll get out of them.

Anyway, as usual, these dresses are selling like hot cakes, so get shopping.

To River Island we go!