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30th Aug 2021

WATCH: Our 2000s fashion gets completely dragged in viral TikTok

Sarah McKenna Barry

OK, some points were made.

For quite some time now, the whipper-snappers of Gen Z have been unafraid to call out some of our more questionable fashion choices from the 2000s.

And, looking back, it really does feel like they were right. Halter tops, ugg boots, matching velour tracksuits certainly felt like the right choices at the time, but in hindsight, they were indeed fashion faux pas.

One TikTok user who is absolutely dragging our choices, and perhaps rightly so, is Carly Aquilino.

In her now viral video, she shines a spotlight on a number of questionable choices made by celebrities on the red carpet.

In her video, Carly says: “I absolutely love that Y2K style is coming back, but there is some cherry-picking going on, and I think we need to have an open discussion about it, because when I think about Y2K, I don’t think about crop tops and halter tops and low-rise jeans, only.”

@fashiongirl42069##greenscreen let’s have a real talk about Y2K♬ original sound – Carly Aquilino

She then highlights some of the generation’s fashion crimes, and first on the chopping block is Ashley Tisdale.

Known for her bold red carpet choices, Carly shows a picture of Ashley wearing a pink blazer, a fur scarf, a sequined handbag and a camo miniskirt held in place by a yellow ribbon. She then pairs the look with orange and pink boots.

Carly says: “I think about how we really wore every accessory at the same time.”

Another transgression for Carly was how we wore jeans under skirts and dresses, and shows a picture of repeat offender Ashley, as well as Miley Cyrus pairing a flowy dress with jeans and Converese.

Carly also takes issue with a super popular accessory at the time – the comically large belt that “we wore for no reason”.

After her video amassed over one million views, Carly posted a follow-up which focused on our penchant for layering, tiny vests and wearing half a sock on one arm.

@fashiongirl42069Reply to @halshanson ##greenscreen ok here’s part 2

♬ original sound – Carly Aquilino