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03rd Jun 2018

These are the top 10 most hated fashion items

Some are actually surprising.

We all have bits of clothing we like and dislike. Some things might be too girly for you, too weird, too sporty, or just… not you.

However, we’re petty surprised at some of the fashion items that made it onto the most hated list… mainly because, well… we wear them.

The study, published by the BBC, was based on 3,227 participants and it saw Speedos coming in as the most-hated item (which yeah, we totally get).

Image result for speedos gif

But, other items which made the list were leather trousers and tracksuits, which we wear from time to time – sometimes you just can’t beat going around the house is a comfy trackie.

Here’s the full list:

  • Speedos – 69 percent
  • Leather trousers – 63 percent
  • Crocs – 59 percent
  • Flares – 57 percent
  • Clothes with elbow patches – 54 percent
  • Tracksuits – 52 percent
  • Red trousers – 51 percent
  • Uggs – 51 percent
  • Deep V t-shirt – 49 percent
  • Sweater vest – 49 percent

And speaking of the hatred for tight trucks, Matthew Smith of YouGov said: “Our results show that some things really are better left to the imagination.

“No matter how ready men’s beach bodies are this summer, they might not make too many friends if they stride across the sand in a pair of Speedos.”

Well, we can agree with that.